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Mystery Pigeon's War Secret

WWII Pigeon Remains and its Secret Message The remains of a World War Two carrier pigeon which was lost in action 70 years ago while delivering a top secret message over enemy lines has been found in a chimney in Bletchingley, Surrey.

The skeleton of the bird has a small red cylinder attached to its foot which contains a mysterious cigarette paper sized coded message. The message is deemed so sensitive, that Codebreakers at GCHQ in Cheltenham are now frantically trying to decipher it.

The remains of the war veteran bird were discovered by David Martin as he ripped out a fireplace while renovating his home. The Royal Pigeon Racing Association says the mysterious bird probably either got lost, disorientated in bad weather, or was simply exhausted after its trip across the Channel.


The Royal British Legion uses the noise of social media to help mark the Two Minute Silence on Remembrance Sunday

In a unique digital initiative, The Royal British Legion will become the first UK organisation to use the Thunderclap social media tool. The Thunderclap, which lets users opt-in to automatically issue an identical social media message at a designated future moment as thousands of others, will be used to encourage the UK's 10 million Twitter and 33 million Facebook users to observe the Two Minute Silence on Remembrance Sunday (11am on Sunday 11 November).